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This is the best math tutor I’ve ever used. Helena helped my teen through Algebra1, Algebra2 and Geometry. He got high grades in all and she boosted his confidence. She’s very kind, very reliable and just a great person and a gifted tutor.


- L.R., Parent

 Novato, 1/2021

Helena does wonders. Our daughter was lackadaisical about math, and Helena transformed our daughter from a C student to an A student. She takes the time to understand your child’s particular challenges, and focuses on those, while getting homework done too! We highly recommend her.


- Michael K., Parent

 Novato, 5/2020

Helena is a wonderful math tutor! We have known her for over 4 years and never been disappointed. She explains hard math concepts very well using different methods and both my daughters math skills have improved since they started taking lessons from Helena. She is very helpful if you don't understand something and does a great job preparing my daughters for tests. My kids love her! Would highly recommend to anyone needing extra help in mathematics.


- Olena K., Parent

 Novato, 11/2017

Helena is a godsend. She goes above and beyond and it’s very clear that she loves her profession and is committed to help students succeed in math. We sought out a math tutor last year for our daughter, who was placed in a compacted 7/8th grade class, and feel so lucky to have found Helena. Our daughter loves working with her because she knows that if she doesn’t understand a concept, Helena will try several different approaches until it clicks. Sessions are never rushed and Helena is always patient, positive, prepared, and very accommodating around schedule changes. Helena is such a pleasure to work with. We don’t know what we’d do without her.


- Joyce H., Parent

 Tiburon, 10/2017

We had the good fortune to find Helena two years ago to teach Algebra to our son who is homeschooled.  We had her come into our home three days per week to teach his Algebra to him for those two years.  He received Dean’s List honors both years, and Helena contributed to that success.  She has the unique ability to be patient, thorough, and (as teenage minds wander), get him refocused and comfortable with what he learned and engaged to learn more.  She is thoughtful, 
funny and very dedicated to helping him learn and push himself to accomplish more. We have Helena come two times per week now that our son is in High School just to supplement and solidify old concepts and new.  We have been and continue to be delighted to have such a gifted teacher working with our son.  She has made a very positive impact in his life.  


- Katheryne B., Parent

  Novato, 11/2016

Helena has been helping my daughter, now an 11th grader, with Algebra and Geometry.  Her tutoring has made a great difference in my daughter’s academic life. She has not only improved her grades, but she also enjoys math much more.  Helena genuinely likes kids and they love studying with her.   


- Ulli S., Parent

  San Rafael, 10/2016

My name is Emily, Helena has been teaching me for a while my grades have gotten so much better with her big help. Thanks to Helena I have gotten so many awards . I wouldn't ever ask for a different tutor but her. I am so proud to have Helena in my life.


- Emily A., Student

  San Rafael, 6/2016

Working with Helena Cinkova has been fantastic. Our family has used a variety of tutors for our middle and high school aged daughters:
student aides, small  group sessions, organized corporate tutorial programs… none of the programs worked long term. 
Working with Helena and some accredited online math programs, our two daughters are now fully engaged in geometry and algebra 2. Both are learning, retaining and testing well in these classes. This has been a life-changing.

Thank you; you work so well with the girls. 


- Brad O., Parent

  Novato, 5/2016

We were very fortunate to find Helena, she is the best tutor we have ever had.  She began tutoring our daughter at the beginning of 11th grade in Algebra 2, her current tutor was not proficient with higher level math and our daughter was becoming very frustrated.  She now tutors her in Pre-Calc, a class we would never have imagined my daughter taking in a million years, but now has the courage and confidence to take with the help of Helena.   Helena comes prepared and immediately sets into working, with no time wasted, contrary to past tutors we've had that use the first 10 to 15 minutes figuring things out.  Our daughters math grade and confidence immediately improved.  Helena is flexible and very easy to work with, we trust her completely.  We have also had Helena tutor for the SAT and ACT math portion of the test, she knows how the tests work and their tricks.   
So thankful we have Helena.

William and Heather V., Parent

  Novato, 5/2016

My name is Tatiana Alomia I have a daughter named Emily and she's in middle school. Helena has been tutoring Emily for almost 3 years. Emily's grades have been increasing with Helena's help. Helena is an amazing tutor. I don't know what we would do without her help.

- Tatiana A., Parent

  San Rafael, 12/2015

It has been a pleasure working with Helena and I highly recommend her. She has been tutoring my daughter in Math throughout high school. We have really appreciated her championing our daughter to overcome her phobia of Math and to help her excel in her Algebra 1, 2 and Geometry classes. My daughter finds Helena really pleasant to work with and she is flexible in scheduling her sessions around my daughter's schedule, which is really important for a busy teenager. 


- Laura G., Parent

  Novato, 11/2015

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