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Logical Thinking Development

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Logical thinking development. Logical thinking development aims to expand children's core cognitive abilities such as concentration, memory, visual and auditory perception, problem solving and communication. Classes are offered primarily to preschool and elementary school-aged children, but can be tailored to other age groups as well. 


Private & group lessons. Private or group lessons for preschoolers are available primarily in the mornings, but afternoons may be available upon request. All other age group classes are offered in the afternoon by appointment.


Location. Classes are one hour long and offered at student's home or at Logika Marin in Novato. Group sessions are recommended for better motivation.

Classes offered. Logical thinking classes will focus on areas such as:


  • concentration and attention

  • memory ability 

  • intelligence development

  • logical thinking

  • visual and auditory perception

  • communication

  • mental math skills

Please contact Helena for prices and scheduling.

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